Wednesday, October 16, 2013

how it began...

Four years ago, my parents purchased 62 acres of land in Templeton, California. This is very near the town of Paso Robles and is half way between LA and San Francisco. The economy at that time was still battling the recession, so my parents were able to acquire the property for a relatively low price. On the land rested a small, two-room house. At the time, the house and the property had certain “issues” the needed attention, but my parents have always loved the challenge of a “fixer-upper.”

One of the first times visiting Paso when we all slept on the floor. 
Since then, thanks to my mother’s passionate devotion to the renovation of our petite California home and property, the place has become absolutely beautiful. The interior of the house is decorated perfectly to match the relaxed, antique feel of the Paso Robles area.

To help us explore the rest of our property, we invested in a John Deere Gator, who we named Brock, which has proven to be of great use as well as provided some thrilling adventures for whoever has visited our home.  
Our Gator named Brock

My parents are currently in the process of growing Arbequina and Korneiki olives in their olive orchard. Soon, we will have Extra Virgin Olive Oil for sale. After attending olive oil making classes, gathering tips from her new Californian friends, and visiting different olive farms, my mom is enthusiastic about starting up the new Sherk olive oil business, called Odelay.
Whitaker, Ariana, John and Tommy in the orchard